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« L’hypnose: du vécu personnel à la pratique professionnelle »

BENNANI KAMANE Daniel (Médecin):

« Retour à l’hypnose, souvenirs des années 70-80 »

BITSINDOU Fortuné (Médecin anesthésiste):

« Merci Docteur, j’ai retrouvé mes angoisses »

« L’hypnose vue de la lumière de la théorie systémique »

BOUKHOBZA Maria-Eugenia (Psychologue clinicienne):

« A la découvert de l’hypnose »

CHABOCHE Adrian (Interne en médecine générale):

« De l’expérience à l’hypnose miroir »

CHAMPEAU Catherine (Médecin):

« Diplôme universitaire d’hypnose médicale »

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Ouidah (Benin) – 23rd March 2018: The first edition of action learning on epidemiology intervention and community-based approach in emergency situations, took place from 26th February to 23rd March 2018, within the framework of the West African Health Organization (WAHO) “RIPOST” Project.

In recent years, global health challenges seem ever-changing and growing. Just like many agencies and associations engaged in this dynamic environment the Agency for Preventive Medicine (AMP) is working to adapt these challenges and has initiated a transformation process that will allow it to continue more effectively and efficiently far into the future.

Striving for continuous improvement

Given the financial requirements of our donors and the needs of our global and local partners, the AMP network seek to focus and consolidate our efforts on our core competencies, namely public health and vaccinology support to sub-Saharan countries. This will include transferring technical operations to Africa, modernizing and streamlining our financial and managerial processes, and developing a further optimized workforce of scientific and technical experts and support staff in the field.

This process has been underway for several years but has accelerated during 2017, and we hope to have the new structure and systems for the AMP network in place during 2018. We view this as an urgent process as emphasized by our partners and funders in public institutions (national, international, European, American, and African); government agencies (AFD, CDC, USAID); industry; and global foundations (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; and others).

Changes are always challenging, but AMP will emerge leaner, stronger, and better prepared to work on critical issues facing African countries during the next decade, including sustainable development, cost rationalization, digitization, transfer and empowerment, and governance.

Strategic structural changes

In this new context, the redeployment of our scientific and technical staff in West Africa is underway. As of January 2018, all operational services and management will be based in AMP-Côte d’Ivoire. This will provide AMP with several strategic advantages, including: a workforce better integrated into the communities we serve; greater access to funders’ local offices; the ability to respond to the requests of donors who seek to fund agencies based directly in target countries; easier access to local professionals; a more efficient process for implementing our numerous training activities; and cost reductions in terms of facilities, logistics, support systems, staff, and travel. This more efficient financial management will allow us to be even more successful when competing for funding.

AMP’s vision and mission remain the same

Based in Bobo-Dioulasso since 1973 and in Abidjan since 2000, the AMP network today maintain its programs and support to populations in need with the same determination that has led to AMP’s 45 years of achievements. Our programs will be implemented in close collaboration with our various partners from the public and private sector as together we support countries in the development of sustainable immunization policies as well as strengthening their public health infrastructure and services.

Our work will continue to focus on the following activities:

  • Field research-action in vaccinology and epidemiology
  • Technical and logistical support to strengthen vulnerable populations’ access to quality health and vaccination services
  • Support for the development of sustainable health policies and systems
  • Training and capacity building

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« HYPNOSE ET MEDITATION: MUSES COMPLICES OU RIVALES? A propos d’un article du journal of Mind-body régulation et d’un cas clinique »

BAILLOT Servane (sage-femme):

« Une sage femme face à l’hypnose: comment faire naitre autrement »

BAILLY Florian (Interne en rhumatologie):

« Apport de l’hypnose dans la gestion des patients lombalgiques chroniques. »

BARTOLI (épouse FLAMENT) Marie (Médecin):

« Impact de l’Hypnothérapie Médicale sur la Qualité de Vie des patients atteints de douleurs chroniques »

BELLAHMER Abderahmane (Gériatre):

« A propos de l’hypnose dans la prise en charge de la douleur »

BENITAH Lauren (Etudiante Sage Femme):